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The CELI and CILS certifications are Official Titles that declare the degree of communicative competence in Italian as a foreign language. The CILS is released by the University of Siena for Foreigners while the CELI is released by the University of Perugia for Foreigners and are both recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are divided into 6 levels on the model of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). CILS and CELI serve to those who study Italian, it’s an essential requirements in several Italian Universities, serve to those who work in close contact with the Italian situation, and those who simply want to measure their competence. Each level certifies an ability to communicate in different contexts and situations.
Beginners (A1)
With this course the student will be able to communicate and get in touch with other people in a simple way using everyday expression and basic phrases.

Elementary (A2)
The aim of this course is to give the students the basic grammatical and lexical instrument in order to understand sentences and frequently used expressions. To exchange information in everyday life and routine matters.

Intermediate (B1)
This course gives the students the chance express oneself in a simple way in familiar situations to understand the main points of clear standard input, to produce simple connected text on familiar topics and describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions.

Advanced (C1)
The goal of this course is to give the students to the ability to communicate with the emphasis about unfamiliar topics, to understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and to have a good knowledge of Italian grammar.

Advanced (C2)
The goal is to improve the capacity of the student to use language fluently and precisely, to understand everything heard or read like an average native speaker.