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Visit Siracusa with me

As an Italian Teacher, I work with people who come from all over the world and often I would like to have the opportunity to meet my online students in person when they came to Siracusa for work or on holiday. It was taking them around the city that I discovered another passion: to show my gorgeous Siracusa, that I know since I was a child, to all the people that would like discovering its hidden treasures (The Barocco Cathedral, Greek temples, Greek theatre, the very old Miqweh...) . If you want to practice Italian while visiting Siracusa or you just would like visiting the city with a local that can tell you many interesting stories about this very old town ( Siracusa is 2750 years old! But still an energic Lady!), Greek and Barocco city, Please contact me to book one of my private tours of Siracusa.



Place to visit
Barocco Cathedral - DuomoGreek templesGreek theatreMiqwehOrtigiaOther